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Chute Level Switch | Boot Level Switch | Diaphragm Level Switch

Chute Level Switch | Boot Level Switch | Diaphragm Level Switch

Jaycee Tech is leading maunufacter and supplier company of Chute level switch, boot, diaphragm level switch in India. We offer predominant Diaphragm Level Switch that is made up from quality material with with perfect finishing. Known for its impeccable highlights, Diaphragm Level Switch is very popular among our clients. Boot level change is utilized to detect the boot level in the can lifts, detecting/stopping up of material in screw transport and different applications.

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Our Chute Level Switch is used for indicating, controlling, and regulating the level of granulated or powdered dry materials. It is applied to all free-flowing grains and powders, but used for the solid items only. We are the finest Chute Level Switches manufacturer in India that keeps each and every step after checking and observing. Before delivering the product in the market, Jayceetech checks each and every piece of the product in order to ensure that no customer will have to face the faults in our products. These efforts of our team members lead us to the best Chute Level Switches supplier in India.

We always want to be one step ahead in order to furnish the best technological equipment to the world. That is why we try to inculcate more and more features in our products. Points related to products that make a difference in our industry:

Chute Level Switch
  • Full as well as semi-automatic machine.
  • Easy installation and mounting.
  • Consists of micro switch inside Cast Al Housing.
  • Diaphragm supports flexible working mechanism of the product.
  • Complete users’ guide along with product.

Apart from the above featured specifications, our chute level switches consist of plenty of technical specifications. Normal sensitivity is 100 to 400gm while the ambient temperature is 60 Deg Micro Switch. The main body of these switches is designed of cast aluminium along with the use of polymer switch housing. It can handle the grain diameter up to 30MM and density of 0.3 to 2.5grams per cubical centimetres.

Jayceetech is well-known Chute Level Switches manufacturer in India because we offer quality products at affordable prices. Our product will surely help you and can easily handle them without any technical difficulties. Being the most prominent Chute Level Switches supplier in India, we are also available to implement these switches on the requisition of our customers. Implementation is very easy yet mounting is the most important and technical section in these switches. Our members are available 24 by 7 to help in implementing the products for removing all kinds of technical difficulties.

People who are buying our products will get the extra benefit of repairing during the warranty period. We are available online, so buyers can save the time that is spent in observing and selecting the best equipment. Our catalogue is just more than enough. Viewers can download catalogue, flipbook, and handbook online with no cost at our official website.

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Technical Specification
Normal sensitivity100 gm / 400 gm
Diaphragm Membrane materialNitrial Rubber / SS
Ambient temperature60 Deg Micro switch
Contacts 15 Amp, 230 V AC, Potential free
Cable GlandPG 11
Main bodyCast Aluminium
Switching HousingPolymer for SS type
Protection for switching housin IP 67


The JAYCEEBOOT level switch is used for indicating, controlling, and regulating the level of granulated or powdered dry materials with a grain diameter up to 15mm and a density of 0,3 to 2,5 g/cm3, flowing through a silo, hopper or chute.


The device must be mounted so that the diaphragm membrane is exposed to the product whose level should be controlled, in such a way that the product, can press the diaphragm.

The material weight presses the diaphragm which is adjusted with the micro switch through a flexible mechanism. A liver attached to the diaphragm transfers the pressure to the micro switch which changes the contact.

When the material recedes the diaphragm comes back to its normal position and the micro switch again changes the contact.


The JAYCEEBOOT consists of a micro switch inside a cast Al housing , covered by a flexible Diaphragm .

Installation and Mounting

The JAYCEEBOOT can be installed outside the container by making a hole on the wall, so that the membrane remains exposed to the product inside. Suspended by means of a tube, it can be also installed inside the container. Using adapters, it can be installed in pipes and conduits.

Wherever possible level switch should be mounted on vertical surfaces. By this means, the product can flow free downwards, and wrong indications are avoided. It can be mounted on surfaces with a slope of not more than 30 degrees from vertical, provided that the product leaves the membrane thoroughly free when flowing along.

If maximum levels are to be controlled, the devices must be mounted at such a height that the product overflowing the membrane can exert pressure on this membrane, working the micro switch.