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Level Switch

Vibrating Fork | Tunning Fork | Level Switch

Aqua Fork Point Level Switch

Apart from the above features, our Aqua Fork Point Level Switch can handle the maximum pressure up to 10 KG per square centimetre and temperature up to 150 degree Celsius.

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Rotating Paddle Level Switch

Aqua Fork Point Level Switch

No matter in which industry you are working, you need equipment, machines, and other technological items which are operated from electricity and produce the output .

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RF Admittance | Admittance | Capacitance

rf admittance level switch.png

Industry works are hard to handle without the help of technology. Machines do the effortlessly what requires the highest efforts .We are the most leading company for RF Admittance Level.

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Chute Level Switch

Aqua Fork Point Level Switch

Technology made our lives very easy and comfortable. With the help of technology, we can save both time and effort. In this reference, Jayceetech is trying hard to serve the global market .

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Vibrating Rod Level Switch

Avibrating rod level switch

Everything is meaningless if you don’t get the desired results even after spending too much time, effort, and money. Jayceetech provides such solution to users that help industry members to invest less and get the higher.

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