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Level Switches For Liquids

Jaycee Tech is Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Aqua Fork Point Level Switch, Magnetic Float Level Switch, Conductivity Level Switch, Capacitance Level Switch, Fork Point Level Switch, Honeybee Level Switch, Swift Fork Level Switch, WASP fork Level Switch, for liquid in all over India.

Users can apply our magnetic float level switch for various purposes. With the help of our Magnetic float level switch, users can set high and low alarm in process tanks; fit it for water treatment and filtration system, and for pump and cooling circuit protection.
Jaycee Tech provide different sensing probes in our Conductivity Type Level Switch product. You can operate it at 200 degree Celsius inside the vessel. Our Conductivity Type Level Switch has different usages for liquids. With the help of these switches, users can adjust even very low conductive liquids like DM-Water. Also, the equipment is perfect for liquids having conductivity such low as Micro Siemens.
RF Capacitance Level Switch is applied for various liquids and not limited to acids, acitone, CTC, feed water, diesel, oil fruit juice, milk, vine, and Amonia Benezine. We are not only the prominent Capacitance Level Switch supplier in India but also we are well-known manufacturer and exporter of capacitance level switch.
Jaycee Tech manufacture and provide the products in such way that it fully satisfy the customer’s need. In technical specifications of our manufactured Aqua Fork Point Level Switch, we include two options, one is integral part and other is two part product. We give customers a comfortable choice.
Our Honeybee Fork Level Switch is commonly applied for all types of liquids and free-flowing dry and small grains and powders. Being the finest Honeybee Fork Level Switch, we have incorporated such standard specification in the existing product so that our customers do not require giving additional efforts for using our equipment.
WASP fork level switch can be used for free flow of liquids such as wine, milk, Oil, diesel, Feed water, etc. and it also allows small grains and powders such as cement, lime and sand. There are two types of housing available for these switches such as standard and flameproof.

Magnetic Float Level Switch

magnetic float Level Switch

We are using technology for everything, and at some point in time, we cannot imagine our lives without technology. Jayceetech provides the most hi-tech and self-mode equipment to make your easier and faster at the best possible rates.

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Conductivity Level Switch

conductive type level switch

Whether it is liquid or solid, you need some equipment to get the best in the field and save time. Conductivity Type Level Switch is a multi-purpose small machine which is commonly used for picking and spreading liquids without touching it by hands.

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Capacitance Level Switch

rf admittance level switch.png

There is no value of efforts if you didn’t get the desired results. In this fastest growing technological era, everyone is running behind the best and set new benchmark every day. If you will not adopt the same, you will not get the reward for your efforts.

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Fork Point Level Switch

vibrating fork for liquid-aquafork

No doubt, machines and equipment make our day to day work easier and better fruitful in the lesser time. Equipment is one time investment as it costs high compared to others. So, it is advisable to buy the same from the trusted source. Jaycee Tech.

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Honeybee Level Switch | WASP fork Level Switch

Avibrating rod level switch

It is needless to say that how technology changed our life style. Nowadays, it has become unimaginable to survive without the help of technology. Jayceetech has come up with the finest solutions for all equipment problems that are required in the field.

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WASP | Swift fork Level Switch

Avibrating rod level switch

Everything is incomplete without technology. Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. We use technology for all our daily activities; no matter which industry you are dealing in. Everything has become easier because of the fastest growing technology.

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