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Magnetic Float Level Switch

Magnetic Float Level Switch

We are using technology for everything, and at some point in time, we cannot imagine our lives without technology. Jayceetech provides the most hi-tech and self-mode equipment to make your easier and faster at the best possible rates. Here, you can believe in any product easily as we are the best Magnetic Float Level Switches manufacturer in India. Users can apply our magnetic float level switch for various purposes. With the help of our Magnetic float level switch, users can set high and low alarm in process tanks; fit it for water treatment and filtration system, and for pump and cooling circuit protection.

Being as the most prominent Magnetic Float Level Switches supplier in India, we are different from other industry players. It is not the quantity that we provide; it is the quality that we furnish in our products. Prominent features of our Magnetic Float Level Switch:

Magnetic Float Level Switch

  • Our magnetic float level contains hermetically sealed glass encapsulated reed switch.
  • The product is user-friendly and gives various options to customers.
  • Users will get the option of remote or integral control unit in this product.
  • Choosing option of intrinsically safe switch among all.
  • Option of remote counter and totalizer for volume calculation is also available that make your work easier.
  • These switches are available at the best-industry prices.

Apart from the above basic features, our Magnetic Float Level Switch for liquids can handle maximum temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius and pressure up to 10 KG per square centimetre. Different options of the product include intrinsically safe small, large, and multiple floats and in-suite test devices. All the products and its parts are under warranty. So, users can choose the same considering their regular or casual needs.

Most of the products, including Magnetic Float Level Switch, provided by Jayceetech are multi-purpose. We are well-known Magnetic Float Level Switches manufacturer in India. So, whatever is our customers’ demand, we are duty-bound to fulfil the same in the given time frame. We have efficient staff members as well as technical people who work day and night to facilitate the world in the best possible way. So, users can rely on our products with no element of doubt and tension. We also provide a complete guide along with every product of Jayceetech so that customer can use it with full confidence.

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We have a special catalogue section for the different design livers. Customers are requested to check our different design in the catalogue along with the prices before buying magnetic float level switches. Keep jayceetech products around you and use them perfectly to get the best results in your field. We are just here to support and cater your needs with our finest work!

Technical Specifications
Insertion Length1000 mm
Max Temp 60° C
Max Pressure 10 Kg/cm2
Liquid Density ≥0.6 g/cm3
Contacts 40VA (NO), 60VA(C/O)
EnclosureIP66 or Ex-P Gr IIB or IIC
OptionsIntrinsically Safe,
Small /Large/Multiple Floats,
In-Situ Test Device


  • High and Low Alarm in Process Tanks.
  • Water Treatment and Filtration Systems.
  • Pump and Cooling Circuit Protection.

Salient Features

  • Hermetically sealed glass encapsulated reed switch.
  • Option of Remote or Integral control unit.
  • Option of Remote Counter and Totalizer for volume calculation.
  • Option of Intrinsically Safe Switch.