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Vibrating Rod Level Switch

Vibrating Rod Level Switch

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Our Vibrating Rod Level Switch is applied to free-flowing grains, solids, granular plastics, bulk solids in Silos, hoppers and Agriculture Machinery. We use the best quality material in our products that is why we are the Vibrating Rod Level Switches manufacturer in India. Our experts use signal diamond blade, Rod, or Bridging Problem according to the needs of our users. You can see the different design in the same product. To see our different designs, we recommend downloading catalogue and seeing the designs before selecting the right option for you.

We are the best online option for Vibrating Rod Level Switches supplier in India. Customers can avail the coupons and other discounting option while buying online from our platform. We deliver the product in the fastest possible time. Maintaining global standard is our first primary designing and delivering vibrating rod level switch. Salient features of our Vibrating Rod Level Switch:

vibrating rod level switch
  • Our product has the robust contribution and high sensitivity.
  • Users can switch and select sensitivity as high, low, and medium.
  • Filters and cleaners are available in the products that keep it dust free.
  • No maintenance charges as there is no movable part in the products.
  • Different elements are fixed in our product so that users can entertain multiple choices in a single product.

We try to provide the maximum features at the minimum possible cost. Being the best Vibrating Rod Level Switches manufacturer in India, we increase the smoothness and quality of the product by inculcating the finest electromechanical vibrating probe level. It can handle maximum temperature up to 70 degree Celsius and maximum pressure up to 10 Bar. Insertion length is 175MM. The product has different choice to apply in different industries. Users can set the suitable density, ranges, and process temperature. Our diamond profile of the product prevents built-up of falling solids. We insert a probe into the product and you can mount it horizontally and vertically in a bin.

Our product is completely based on the vibrating principle. This is a rod type product having concentric tube. Jayceetech is the well-known Vibrating Rod Level Switches supplier in India. The supply takes place only after thorough testing of products. Our market analyser read and research the current market needs. The report is sent to our manufacturing department, and then, our technical engineers provide the solution for market problems. This way, we are spreading our name and fame worldwide. If there is any query, our technical support team is always available to help you out.

Give jayceetech an opportunity to serve you and cater the whole market’s need. We assure you that you will not get disappointed. Just sit at your home and get the product in your hands in a couple of clicks.

Technical Specifications
Insertion Length250 mm
Max Temp 70° C
Max Pressure 10 Bar
Bulk Density ≥10Kg/m3
Output DC universal transitor, PNP and NPN, NO/NC
EnclosureCast Al x IP66/67


  • Free flowing Grains, Solids.
  • Granular Plastics and Bulk Solids in Silos.
  • Hoppers and Agri-Machinery.


  • Singal “Diamond Blade” and “Rod ” eliminates “Bridging Problema ” faced in vibrating Fork Design.
  • Robust Contribution and High Sensitivity.
  • Vibrations produce “Self Cleaning Effect” to counter material that may as here to Probe/Tank wall.
  • Diamond profile prevents “Built-up” of Falling Solids.
  • Site selectable sensitivity for “Very Light” , “Normal” and “Heavy” material.
  • Choice of construction to suit various Bulk Densities, Ranges and Process Temperature n industrial Applications.
  • No moving Parts, hence almost no maintainance.


We make vibrating rod ,it is a electromechanical vibrating probe level switch suitable for detecting level in hoppers.single vibrating rod as sensing element, suitable for free flowing solids even grain size over 10 mm material, which is a size limitation for vibrating fork type level switch.

jayceevibro level limit switch for solids is based on resonance -vibration principle. It is an all stainless-steel rod like construction having concentric tube construction kept in the resonance state by electronic circuit and piezo vibrator.

The probe can be mounted horizontally or vertically in a bin, hopper at desired location. the probe selection depends upon the applications.