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Level Switch for Liquids

Conductivity Type Level Switch for Liquids

Conductivity Type Level Switch for Liquids

Whether it is liquid or solid, you need some equipment to get the best in the field and save time. Conductivity Type Level Switch is a multi-purpose small machine which is commonly used for picking and spreading liquids without touching it by hands. Gayceetech provides flipbook as well as manual for all of its products including conductivity type level switches. So, you can check the same and choose the optimum product to cater your requirements.

Evolving as the best Conductivity Type Level Switches manufacturer in India, we have quality specification for our products. Here, we are not only talking about the technical specifications but also we are talking about featured specifications along with the quality results. Following points are the brief descriptions of our products’ specifications:

Conductivity Type Level Switch
Conductivity Probe
Conductivity Type Level Switch Manufacturer in India
Multi Channel Controller
  • Users can get the product as per needs.
  • The cost we charge for our products is the most competitive in the market.
  • Online as well as offline availability of the product.
  • A complete user guide is also provided along with the product to make it user-friendly and build the better understanding.
  • The product has multi-channel controller along with the safety switches for managing the temperature as well as the pressure.

Apart from the above good features that make us the leading Conductivity Type Level Switches supplier in India, we have different technical specification for the product to elaborate. Its technical specification is not limited to but includes micro controller based switching unit, temperature up to sixty degree Celsius, output of sets of potential free contacts rated at 5 amps. Also, it consumes 2.5VA power only. Named as the Conductivity Type Level Switches manufacturer in India, our professional workers use rope type or stainless steel for sensing probe in the product. Our technical staffs are fully professional and focus on users’ needs and customers’ satisfaction. We adjust flanged mounting in sensing probe as per application and requirements of the usages of the product.

Being as the prominent Conductivity Type Level Switches supplier in India, we provide different sensing probes in our product. You can operate it at 200 degree Celsius inside the vessel. Our Conductivity Type Level Switches has different usages for liquids. With the help of these switches, users can adjust even very low conductive liquids like DM-Water. Also, the equipment is perfect for liquids having conductivity such low as Micro Siemens.

Apart from the featured services, our product is cost-friendly as well as user-friendly. We also provide warranty on our products but the warranty is limited to a certain period. All the safety measures are taken while designing the products. For this purpose, we set the minimum and maximum temperature switches in conductivity type level switches. So, there is no worry or even little danger in using the product. Still, we have mentioned all the safety precautions in our user guide. It is advised to visit our catalogue and select the optimum design for your use and read all the instructions given in the handbook before implementing or using tour products.


Technical Specifications
Switching UnitMicro controller Based.
Housing:DIN RAIL, suitable for back panel mounting
Ambient temperature0 ° C to +60° C
Mains Voltage: 65-265V AC, 50Hz/18-36V DC
Output:1 sets of potential free c/o contacts rated at 5 amps, 230VAC for resistive loads per switch point.
Power consumption:2.5 VA
Safety operationField selected switch over for minimum ormaximum (FSL/FSH) switching points


  • High and Low Alarm in Process Tanks.
  • Water Treatment and Filtration Systems.
  • Pump and Cooling Circuit Protection.

Salient Features

  • Hermetically sealed glass encapsulated reed switch.
  • Option of Remote or Integral control unit.
  • Option of Remote Counter and Totalizer for volume calculation.
  • Option of Intrinsically Safe Switch.