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Level Switches for Solids

RF Admittance Level Switch

Technical Specifications
Insertion Length350-3000 mm
Wetted PartsSS304/316
Max Temp 200° C
Max Pressure 10KG/cm2
Dielectric Constant ≥2
Output 5A 250VAC x DPDT
EnclosureCast Al x IP66 or Ex-P IIB
Options Integral, Two part,
Flexible probe


  • Fertilizer, Cement, Tyre, Chemical & Food Industry
  • Breweries, Sewage Treatment Plants.

Salient Features

  • Three Element Coat Guard Technology
  • Can be configured either for High or Low Level point switching
  • Ignores material build-up on the probe
  • Suitable for the highly dusty environment
  • High Reliability
  • Fast and Easy Installation Simple Calibration
  • Field selectable operation logic
  • Provides economical solutions
  • Various models not required


The JAYCEEADMITT Point Level Switch comprises of a specially designed electronics and sensing probe using DRIVEN SHIELD-COAT GUARD circuit and corresponding 3-Element Probe. The Electro-mechanical combination of the COAT GUARD technique makes the system immune to the material build-up on the probe and material bridging between the probe and the hopper wall. The unique feature of the system is that the measured signal does not flow to the hopper wall through the probe in the backward direction but flows only through the material. (actual material level) to the hopper wall.