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Level Switches for Solids

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Vibrating Rod Level Switch for Solids

vibrating rod level switch
Technical Specifications
Insertion Length175 mm
Max Temp 70° C
Max Pressure 10 Bar
Bulk Density ≥10Kg/m3
Contacts 5A, 250 VAC x SPDT
EnclosureCast Al x IP66/67


  • Free flowing Grains, Solids.
  • Granular Plastics and Bulk Solids in Silos.
  • Hoppers and Agri-Machinery.


  • Singal “Diamond Blade” & “Rod ” eliminates “Bridging Problema ” faced in vibrating Fork Design.
  • Robust Contribution & High Sensitivity.
  • Vibrations produce “Self Cleaning Effect” to counter material that may as here to Probe/Tank wall.
  • Diamond profile prevents “Built-up” of Falling Solids.
  • Site selectable sensitivity for “Very Light” , “Normal” and “Heavy” material.
  • Choice of construction to suit various Bulk Densities, Ranges and Process Temperature n industrial Applications.
  • No moving Parts, hence almost no maintainance.


We make vibrating rod ,it is a electromechanical vibrating probe level switch suitable for detecting level in hoppers.single vibrating rod as sensing element, suitable for free flowing solids even grain size over 10 mm material, which is a size limitation for vibrating fork type level switch.

jayceevibro level limit switch for solids is based on resonance -vibration principle. It is an all stainless-steel rod like construction having concentric tube construction kept in the resonance state by electronic circuit and piezo vibrator.

The probe can be mounted horizontally or vertically in a bin, hopper at desired location. the probe selection depends upon the applications.