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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Can you imagine fast and efficient work without use of machine in the industry work? Oh, it seems like next to impossible if you plan to do all the work manually with the help of human sources. In this fastest growing era, if you really want to get success, you will have to play smart. In order to save, time, and hard word work, you do need to smarter work and use the machines instead of doing all work manually. Jayceetech provide numerous technological equipment for industry usages.

In this reference, we are the named ultrasonic level transmitter supplier in India. The main applications of Ultrasonic Level Transmitter are for water and wastewater treatment, pumping station, collection wells, biochemical reaction tank, sedimentation tanks, electric power, mining mortar pool, coal slurry pond, and various other similar projections.

There are different models and format for every design. The nature of all ultrasonic level transmitters is same, but they may have different purposes. Being the best Ultrasonic Level Transmitter manufacturer in India, Jayceetech provides following featured services for its belonging products:

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Flame Proof Version
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Manufacturer in India
Standard Version
  • The product is durable compared to other local and industry products.
  • We charge the least possible cost without compromising the quality.
  • We provide the signed bill for each product along with the warranty card.
  • All the products used in the manufacturing of ultrasonic level transmitter are of the finest quality.
  • A long catalogue book to check out the designs along with the price tags.

Jayceetech is a well-known Ultrasonic Level Transmitters supplier in India, so, it provides the clear technical specification for all of its parts and products used in manufacturing the major product. In our Ultrasonic Level Transmitter product series both flame proof version and standard version are available. Besides above-mentioned features, our technical specifications are described in the manual book. The technical specification of the product includes English LCD display, 0.2 to 0.5% F.C. accuracy, and pressure of 2 Bars. The product length range varies in different measure. According to its measures, users can choose 5 Meter, 10 Meter, 15 Meter, 20 Meter, 30 Meter, and 50 Meter range of the product. It requires approximately 24 V DC power supply in order to operate the product in a smooth way.

It is very easy to find the best Ultrasonic Level Transmitter manufacturer in India, as Jayceetech is another name to this industry. We are the fastest growing Ultrasonic Level Transmitters supplier in India and easily accessible from any location as we are available online. In the warranty period, users can either exchange or get the product repaired at no cost. Last but not the least, we have the technical support system that accepts query and provide the guidance for each and every resolution. This is something that makes us different from other industry players.

Don’t keep your hands tight and invest in our products for the best and finest results. We are not only easy to reach but also assure the fastest delivery in the given time frame.


Technical Specifications
Range5 mtr,10mtr,15mtr,20mtr, 30mtr, 50 mtr
Power Supply24V DC, 120 mA, 12 V D
Analog O/P 4-20 mA or Relay/Alarm output
Digital O/PRS485
Pressure2 Bar (Explore Proof Type is 5 Bar)
Accuracy0.2% --0.5% F.S
DisplayEnglish LCD Dispay


  • water and wastewater treatment.
  • Pumping Station.
  • Collection wells
  • Biochemical Reaction Tank
  • Sedimentation Tanks
  • Electric power,
  • Mining Mortar Pool
  • Coal Slurry Pond
  • Water Treatment