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Bulk Material Moisture Sensors

Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels

magnetic float Level Switch

Working mechanism is changing along with the use of technology. Without it, working in the industry is like next to impossible nowadays. Jayceetech makes a difference by providing the highest quality and durable tech products.

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Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor

moisture sensors for hopper conveyors

Humans try to find the easiest way every time to make their work convenient. Sometime they get succeed and another time, they get fail. We know this theory very well. So, we track the market demand and try to find out the solution.

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Density Gauge Measurement Meter

density gauge measurement

Are you looking for extraordinary products that costs least and lasts long? Don’t worry, Jayceetech is here to help you and cater all your needs in one shot as it provides various industry-usable products.

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