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Guided Wave Radar Level Meter

Guided Wave Radar Level Meter Guided Wave Radar Level Meter in pune

Guided Wave Radar Level Meter


1. Suited to continuous level mesurement of various liquid, mush and bulk-solid materials.
2. Universal use, direct mounting into containers, silos, vessels, reservoirs, etc.
3. Stainless steel rod or rope electrode
4. Measuring range up to 40m
5. Linear measurement in non-conductive and in differently shaped containers
6. Quick view measured values on the display
7. Current output (4 ... 20 mA), HART® protocol

Guided Wave Radar level meter are advanced instruments used for accurate and reliable level measurement in various industrial applications. These meters utilize the principle of time domain reflectometry to determine the level of liquids, slurries, and solids in tanks, vessels, and pipelines. With their ability to handle challenging process conditions and provide precise measurements, GWR level meters have become a popular choice for level monitoring and control.

Working Principles of Guided Wave Radar level meter:

Guided Wave Radar level meters operate based on the principle of time domain reflectometry.The meter consists of a probe or a waveguide that is inserted into the vessel or pipeline being monitored. High-frequency electromagnetic pulses are sent down the waveguide, and when these pulses encounter a change in the dielectric constant caused by the material level, a portion of the pulse is reflected back to the sensor. By measuring the time it takes for the pulse to travel to the material surface and back, the meter calculates the level with high accuracy.

Features and Benefits of Guided Wave Radar Level Meters:

High Accuracy: GWR level meters provide accurate level measurements, even in challenging process conditions. They are capable of measuring levels with high precision, irrespective of factors such as temperature, pressure, vapor, foam, or dust, which can affect other level measurement technologies.

Versatility: Guided Wave Radar level meters can be used for a wide range of applications, including liquids, slurries, and solids. They are suitable for both conducting and non-conducting materials, making them a versatile choice across various industries.

Continuous Level Monitoring: These level meters offer continuous level monitoring, providing real-time measurement updates. This enables operators to have a constant view of the level changes, facilitating process control, inventory management, and preventing overflow or underflow situations.

High Reliability: GWR level meters are known for their reliability and stability in harsh industrial environments. They are resistant to temperature fluctuations, pressure variations, and vibrations, ensuring consistent and accurate level measurements over extended periods.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Guided Wave Radar level meters are relatively easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Once the probe or waveguide is properly mounted, the meter operates with minimal recalibration or adjustment, resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Non-Intrusive: GWR level meters are non-intrusive, meaning they do not come into direct contact with the material being measured. This eliminates the risk of contamination or interference with the process, making them suitable for hygienic applications such as food and pharmaceutical industries.

Guided Wave Radar level meters offer accurate and reliable level measurement solutions for various industrial applications. Their ability to provide precise measurements in challenging process conditions, versatility across different materials, and resistance to harsh environments make them a preferred choice in industries such as chemical, oil and gas, water treatment, and food and beverage. By enabling continuous level monitoring and facilitating process control, GWR level meters contribute to operational efficiency, inventory management, and regulatory compliance.

GRLM–70_–00 without electrode, the electrode is made by customer (only variant 10 or 30) and connected to the electrode junction by M8 thread.
GRLM–70_–10 Uncoated stainless steel rod electrode, for level measurement liquids and bulk solid materials (water, water solutions, emulsion, oils, diesel, flour, sand, granulates, etc.). Maximum electrode length 8 m.
GRLM–70_–11 Fully coated stainless steel rod electrode (PFA Teflon®), for level measurement of aggressive liquids and very pure liquids. Maximum electrode length 2 m.
GRLM–70_–20 Uncoated stainless steel rod electrode with reference tube, for accurate level measurement of liquids in cramped spaces. Maximum electrode length 3 m.
GRLM–70_–30 Uncoated stainless steel rope electrode and weight, for level measurement of liquids and bulk solid materials (water, grains, sand, flour, cement, etc.) in higher silos, vessels, reservoirs. Maximum electrode length 40 m.
GRLM–70_–33 Uncoated stainless steel rope electrode with anchorage, for level measurement of bulk solid materials (grains, flour, cement, etc.) in higher silos, vessels. Maximum electrode length 40 m.