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Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor

Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor best Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor in pune

Hydro-Probe Microwave Moisture Measurement Sensor

Humans try to find the easiest way every time to make their work convenient. Sometime they get succeed and another time, they get fail. We know this theory very well. So, we track the market demand and try to find out the solution for all types of problems in the industry. Jaycee Technologies Pvt. Ltd has come up with tech-solutions for various problems which become the hurdle in the operations.

Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor

Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor are pen style equipment used for various purposes. India is the second most populated country across the globe. And it is not a joke to be the best Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor supplier in India. But Jayceetech made it true! Well-known as the finest Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor manufacturer in India, we install all the quality products while manufacturing the final product.

Being the best Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor manufacturer in India, users can observe the expertise in our designs. From tip to top, everything is set in a perfect manner which ensures the smooth processing as well as the accurate output. The main body of the product is made of stainless steel and faceplate is made of ceramic. The operating temperature required is 0 to 60 degree Celsius while the power supply required is 15 to 30 V DC. Sensors neither work in minus temperature nor in very high temperature. So, it is very important to keep the temperature and power supply optimum.
The Sensor must be placed in the flow of material for the smooth operation of product. Refresh-rate of the product is 25 times per second. For averaging and alarm functioning, there are two configurable digital signals available. Being the bulk Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor supplier in India, we also provide extension cable along with bins and silos.

We provide catalogues, operating manuals, and handbook for each and every product that we supply. Online delivery is available in all areas; you can book your orders now within one click. We don’t charge anything additional for these services. From registration to delivery, everything is free. In fact, users can save bucks by using online free coupons and discounts.

So, our users will always get the benefit of cost-saving. Register yourself today at and find equipment of your use

Salient Features of our Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels

1. Hydro – Flush mount, digital, microwave moisture sensor.
2. We have used advanced digital technology in our product that makes the product easy to use with the least possible variations.
3. Fully temperature compensated measurement is integrated in order to balance the power supply and prevent damages.
4. Different measurement modes are available so users can measure temperature, and accuracy easily.
5. The product has sensor configuration, easy interface, and normal power requirements.
6. We have attached influence calibration with the possible wear life.
7. Replaceable Ceramic Faceplate is also available for the product. After the warranty period, even if there is damage, users can just change this part instead of buying a new product or equipment.

Hydro – Flush mount, digital, microwave moisture sensor.
We have used advanced technology in our product with 25 reading per second.
We have fixed advanced digital signal processing system in the product. So, the product gives rapid response along with a clear signal. 9899221542
We have added standard quality control measures so that we can provide the best quality products to our customers. For this, calibration data points are stored within the sensor.
Bin Empty’ and ‘High moisture’ alarms are set to track the performance. We ensure consistent performance; there is no need of recalibration.
Stand alone or simple integration features are stored in new or existing system in order to ensure the smooth operations.
Advanced Digital Signal Processing provides a clear signal with rapid response.
Fully temperate compensated measurement.
Two analogue outputs, digital RS485 communications and configurable digital inputs/output, alarms.
Remote communication with Hydro-Com software allows configuration of all sensor parameters.
Consistent performance with no need for Recalibration except for use with different materials.
Calibration data points stored within the sensor for improved quality control.
The Averaging Mode provides continuous “average” moisture over a batch.
Averaging, “Bin Empty” and “High Moisture” ” Alarms and Signal Processing are performed internally by the sensor.