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Integrated Type Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

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Integrated Type Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

Display :

LCD display - Level distance, transmission value, ambient Temperature, echo state, alarm display, algorithm selection

Analog Output :

4-20mA/750 load resistance (2wire), 4-20mA/250 load resismnce (4wire), OPTIONAL 1-5V (3wires), 0-5V (3 wires), O-10V (3wires)

Water and waste water treatment
Pumping station, collection wells, biochemical reaction tank, sedimentation tanks, etc.
Electric power, mining mortar pool, coal slurry pond, water treatment, etc.


Strong, stable sensor suitable for harsh industrial situation
Strong anti-interference, can be arbitrarily set the upper and lower nodes and on-line output regulation
Transducer builtin temperature sensor, to achieve real-time measurement of the value of automatic temperature compensation
Blind spots can also be manually set, shielding the probe near the interference signal
4 - 20MA current output, optional field bus interface