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WASP Level Switch | Fork Level Switch

Everything is incomplete without technology. Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. We use technology for all our daily activities; no matter which industry you are dealing in. Everything has become easier because of the fastest growing technology. WASP fork level switch is applied for various kinds of liquids and free-flowing dry small grains and powders. Apart from this, it has multiple usages. We provide the best quality products and named as the finest WASP fork level switch manufacturers in India.

WASP Level Switch | Fork Level Switch

Jayceetech’s products are ISO certified and its quality as well as the trustworthiness makes it famous as the best WASP fork level switch supplier in India. We provide complete manual which contains principles and usage of our products so that our customers can easily install them and does not require any advanced calibration or configuration. Best qualities of Jaycee’s WASP fork level switch:

WASP Level Switch
  • Unlike other industry players, it offers quality product at affordable price.
  • Its products are easy to use, anybody can use these products.
  • Users will get the well-written user manual describing the working mechanism.
  • All product buyers will entertain the limited warranty period for not only the products but also all of its integrated parts.
  • Durability and longevity is assured in our products.
  • We provide full electric and auto-driven product.
  • We are available for support anytime; just send your queries online.

These are some fine qualities of our WASP fork level switches. Other than these qualities, WASP fork level switches can handle different levels of temperature and pressure. Insertion length of our standard switch is 60mm including threads. We provide warranty for all our products. We believe in customer satisfaction. WASP fork level switch can be used for free flow of liquids such as wine, milk. Oil, diesel, Feed water, etc. and it also allows small grains and powders such as cement, lime and sand. There are two types of housing available for these switches such as standard and flameproof.

An expert team of professionals are there to handle our technical section. Their hard work made Jaycee technology a well-known WASP fork level switch manufacturer in India. Our products are eco-friendly than other competitors and you can recycle them too. As leading WASP fork level switches supplier in India, we assure you quality products. Customers are our topmost priority. So we are working more to maintain our standards. You can buy our products from anywhere. We provide online and offline customer support. Our team is dedicated to building our reputation as a leading company.

Before choosing the right options, we request you to go through our catalogue in order to get a good idea about our entire product list. In our catalogue, price is quoted for each and every design. The cost may vary according to the complicacy of design as well as the working mechanism of the equipment. Our product will surely help you, and it can easily be handled these products without any technical difficulties.

Our quality products will help you to make your work faster and easier. So get WASP fork level switches from Jaycee technologies and improve your work quality!

HONEYBEE-7100 Series:

Technical Specifications
Insertion Length60mm (standard) including threads.
HousingCast Al,WP, IP66(standard), Flameproof(optional)
Supply12 VDC to 30 VDC
OutputDC universal transitor, PNP and NPN, NO/NC
ProbeSensing Fork,SS316
Stand Off200mm (SS 304) Pipe, for Temp. Above 150° C
Extension PipeSS304/SS316
Cable Entry1 X PG11
Mounting1” BSP, SS 304(standard), SS316 (opional)


WASP 7210 2Khz frequency, weatherproof IP 67 cast Al housing with universal mains.18-30 VDC and 65 to 265 VAC. 1 DPDT relay output.
WASP 7220 2Khz frequency, weatherproof IP 67 cast Al compact housing. Output - DC universal transitor, PNP and NPN, NO/NC
WASP 7230 2Khz frequency, weatherproof IP 68 C steel Pipe housing. Output - DC universal transitor, PNP and NPN, NO/NC
WASP 7220 Ex. 2Khz frequency, weatherproof IP 65. Flameproof as per BIS standard (In PNP version) and PESO certificate.

Liquid Applications:

  • All types of liquids and free flowing dry small grains and powderes.