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Level Switch For Solids

JayceeTech is manufacturer and supplier of level switch like vibrating fork level switch, tunning fork level switch, rotating paddle level switch, fork point level level switch, RF Admittance level switch, chute level switch, Diaphragm level switch, Boot level switch, vibrating rod level switch, capacitance level switches in Pune and all over India.

JayceeTech is a prominent Vibrating fork level switch Manufacture in India which is applied for various kinds of solids. Theapplication of quality Vibrating Fork Level Switch/Tunning fork level switches food grain, pesticide chemical powder.

Jayceetech is becoming the first priority for buyers due to its fine manufacturing and fast supplying. Being as the best Rotating Paddle Level Switches manufacturer in India, Jayceetech provides multiple features for its products. Rotating Paddle Level Switch is used in different fields. Main applications of rotating paddle level switch are in agriculture, chemical industry, food industry, building industry, and in energetics.

JayceeTech is leading manufacturer and supplier of RF Admittance, level switch, admittance, and capacitance in India. Admittance is suitable for both solid and liquid. Capacitance has many uses in electronic and electrical systems.

JayceeTech is leading manufacturer and Supplier of Chute level switch, boot level switch, diaphragm level switch in India. Diaphragm Level Switch is very popular among our clients. Boot level change is utilized to detect the boot level in the can lifts, detecting up of material in screw transport and different applications.

Our Vibrating Rod Level Switch is applied to free-flowing grains, solids, granular plastics, bulk solids in Silos, hoppers and Agriculture Machinery. We use the best quality material in our products that is why we are the Vibrating Rod Level Switch manufacturer in India.

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