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RF Admittance Level Switch with Rod & Rope (JAYCEEADMITT 3000 SERIES)

Jayceetech is leading manufacturer of RF Admittance, level switch, capacitance Level Switch in India. Admittance is suitable for both solid and liquid. It is also suitable for side as well as top mounting. Capacitance has many uses in process industry sector. We are the RF Admittance Level Switches manufacturer in India. Also, are reaching the global market gradually, and are catering need of market application and provide solution.

RF Admittance Level Switch with Rod & Rope

Salient features of our RF Admittance Level Switch:

RF Admittance Level Switch
  • We use three-element Coat Guard Technology in these switches.
  • It has facility to configure either for high or low level point switching.
  • Our product also remains the same and works well even in the highly dusty environment.
  • The product is suitable for wide range of temperature even the conductive and nonconductive application.
  • The product is not only cost-friendly but also equally reliable.
  • Along with its simple calibration, our switch product is easy to install and easy to use.
  • Users will not require any additional or use of various models after installing our RF admittance level switches.
  • Our design ignores the material build-up on the probe in order to operate smoother.

Being the prominent RF Admittance Level Switches manufacturer in India, we provide the economical solution to all problems. The above list of characteristic of our product is just comprehensive; it is not an exhaustive list. We have much more in the product. Our standard designed RF admittance level switch can handle maximum temperature up to 200 degree Celsius and maximum pressure up to 10KG per square centimeters (for special ceramic probe construction). We have design upto 650 Deg C application suitability. The insertion length of this product varies from 150mm to 3000 mm.

We are the fastest RF Admittance Level Switches supplier in India. We are easily reachable as we are available online. Customers can find our products anytime from anywhere. Our professionals design products after researching market and customer needs. They see the practical problems in depth, and give a solution by upgrading the products and serving the same to customers.

We have given technical specifications for each product. Customers can choose the right product for them. You can get more details about our products from our website Jayceetech.com. We are growing rapidly and have customers all over the world.

JAYCEEADMITT – 3000 Series:

Technical Specifications
Mechanical Housing Cast Aluminium
Type Electronics top mounted on probe
Pressure Max 40 bar on request for certain model
Mounting Arrangement Threaded: 1 1/2 '' BSP / NPT Flanged : As per requirement Other : As per requirement
Mounting material SS 304 / SS 316 / Others
Probe Length Standard : 200 mm Customized: 200 mm ~ 3000 mm
ExtensionGI / Stainless steel
Cable Entry 2 Nos of PG 13.5 ( Polymer )
Temperature in vessel 120°C / 120°C - 200°C ( Optional )
Electrical indication LED (Normal : Green, Alarm : Red)
Main power consumption 0.3 VA
Output Relay Rating Contact 5A, 230VAC for non-inductive load
Operating Frequency 100KHz / 6 KHz ( NRF )
Delay Setting 1-20 seconds ( Covered and Uncovered )
Fail-safe Setting Field selectable (minimum : Fail-safe Low) (maximum : Fail-safe High)
Response time Standard : 1 - 2 Sec


  • Fertilizer, Cement, Tyre, Chemical and Food Industry
  • Breweries, Sewage Treatment Plants.

Salient Features

  • Three Element Coat Guard Technology
  • Can be configured either for High or Low Level point switching
  • Ignores material build-up on the probe
  • Suitable for the highly dusty environment
  • High Reliability
  • Fast and Easy Installation Simple Calibration
  • Field selectable operation logic
  • Provides economical solutions


The JAYCEEADMITT Point Level Switch comprises of a specially designed electronics and sensing probe using DRIVEN SHIELD-COAT GUARD circuit and corresponding 3-Element Probe. The Electro-mechanical combination of the COAT GUARD technique makes the system immune to the material build-up on the probe and material bridging between the probe and the hopper wall. The unique feature of the system is that the measured signal does not flow to the hopper wall through the probe in the backward direction but flows only through the material (Actual material level) to the hopper wall.