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Radar Level Transmitter

Technology has become an integral part of our regular life. Playing with it can be dangerous, but denying for its use is like next to impossible especially when we talk about industry applications. Among various kinds of equipment, small machines, hi-tech products, switches, transmitters, sensors and other such small yet technical products play a vital role in the industry and used for all big and small tasks. In this reference, Radar Level Transmitter is used in water; it works even in the deepness of water.

Radar Level Transmitter

Jayceetech is the best quality Radar Level Transmitters manufacturer in India which is commonly used for rivers, lakes, shoals, Hoppers and Silos and other similar places. We manufactur & designs the product in such a way that incorporates all basic as well as advanced safety features. So, compared to other local products, users can be more assured and feel safe while using our products.

Known as the fastest Radar Level Transmitters supplier in India, following are the featured services that every user will entertain with our almost all products:

  • Enjoy the best quality products with a certain warranty period.
  • The least possible price is charged for the product. Also, we don’t compromise with the quality of the product at any cost.
  • Three different books are available that are related to products. One is flipbook, other is manual and catalogue book. Download it and gather all the required information for the product.
  • We are backed by industry’s best technical experts. All the products are designed by these professionals.
  • Along with the durability of the product, safety and security is also considered while designing the product.

Being the best Radar Level Transmitters manufacturer in India, Jayceetech provides clear and straight technical specification for each product. Some common technical specifications are available in all kinds of radar level transmitters. The Housing is made of aluminium. Our Radar Level Transmitter requires only 6 to 24 V DC power supply for operation. The digital display of the product is optional. For the efficient operation of the product, keep the temperature 40 to 100 degree Celsius and frequency rage 26HZ. It has measuring range of 10 meters, 30 metres and 100 meters along with the precision of 3MM variation.

Not only the products but also our books help in the finest implementation of the product, that’s why Jayceetech is the prominent Radar Level Transmitters supplier in India. Every minor problem is considered while designing the product. So, the chances of facing fault are minimal or almost negligible.


Technical Specifications
Frequencies26 GHz and Higher
Measuring Rangeupto 100 mtrs
Power Supply2-wire
OutputAnalogue and Digital
Alarmoptional available
Housing CasingAluminum Alloy, single cavity
Site operation/ Programming128 X 64 dots LCD/4 ley, configuration
Process Temperature-40~110°C, Higher optional
MountingScrewed or Flanged available


  • water and wastewater treatment.
  • Pumping Station.
  • Collection wells
  • Biochemical Reaction Tank
  • Sedimentation Tanks
  • Electric power,
  • Mining Mortar Pool
  • Coal Slurry Pond
  • Water Treatment