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Magnetic Float Level Switch

Magnetic Float Level Magnetic Float Level

Magnetic Float Level Switch

A magnetic float level switch is a device designed to accurately monitor and control the liquid level in tanks, vessels, and other containers. It operates on the principle of buoyancy, using a magnetic float that rises or falls with the liquid level. This float is equipped with a magnet that triggers the switching mechanism when it reaches a predetermined position.

Working Principle:

The magnetic float level switch consists of two main components: a float and a switch. The float contains a magnet, while the switch contains a reed switch or a magnetic sensor. As the liquid level changes, the float moves up or down, causing the magnet inside the float to actuate the switch.
When the liquid level is below the desired level, the float rests at the bottom, and the switch remains open. As the liquid level rises, the float lifts, bringing the magnet closer to the switch. Once the magnet reaches a specific distance, it attracts the switch, causing it to close and signal the presence of the liquid at that level. Conversely, when the liquid level drops, the float descends, and the switch opens again.


Magnetic float level switches find applications in various industries where accurate liquid level monitoring is essential. Some common applications include:

Industrial Processes: They are widely used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, water treatment, and many others. These switches ensure precise control of liquid levels to optimize production processes, prevent overflow or dry running, and maintain equipment efficiency.

Storage Tanks: Magnetic float level switches are commonly employed in storage tanks for inventory management and overflow prevention. They provide reliable level indication and can trigger alarms or control valves to maintain the desired level.

Pump Control: They play a vital role in controlling pumps by providing high and low-level alarms or activating pump switches. This prevents pumps from running dry or overflowing, ensuring efficient operation and protecting equipment from damage.

Safety Systems: Magnetic float level switches are integral components of safety systems, especially in hazardous environments. They enable early warning signals, trigger shutdowns, or activate emergency procedures to prevent accidents and protect personnel and assets.

The magnetic float level switch offers several advantages, making it a preferred choice for liquid level monitoring:

Reliability: These switches are highly reliable due to their simple design and robust construction. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, corrosive fluids, and high pressures.

Wide Compatibility: Magnetic float level switches are compatible with a wide range of liquids, including water, oils, chemicals, and solvents. They can be customized with different materials to resist corrosion and ensure compatibility with specific liquids.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: They are relatively easy to install and require minimal maintenance. The absence of moving parts in the switch makes it less prone to wear and tear.

Cost-Effective Solution: Magnetic float level switches offer a cost-effective solution for liquid level monitoring compared to other technologies. They provide accurate measurements and have a long lifespan, reducing overall operational costs.

In conclusion, magnetic float level switches are versatile and reliable devices used for liquid level monitoring in various industrial applications. With their robust design, compatibility with different liquids, and ease of installation, they provide an effective and cost-efficient solution for ensuring accurate and safe liquid level control.

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High and Low Alarm in Process Tanks.
Water Treatment and Filtration Systems.
Pump and Cooling Circuit Protection.

Salient Features

Hermetically sealed glass encapsulated reed switch.
Option of Remote or Integral control unit.
Option of Remote Counter and Totalizer for volume calculation.
Option of Intrinsically Safe Switch.