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Moisture Measuring Microwave Sensor

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Moisture Measuring Microwave Sensor

The ultimate intelligent microwave sensor for measurement of moisture in wide range of Mixers. Hydro- Mix VI is built for rugged use with a hardened steel protection wear ring and ceramic face plate which may easily be replaced in the event of accident damage. It makes them versatile and suitable for interfacing directly with all control systems.

Highest possible accuracy of measurement
Remote communication with Hydro-Com software allows configuration of all sensor parameters including selection of sensor outputs, calibration of sensor readings and software upgrades
Quick responses to changing conditions with internal filtering to provide meaningful readings
Temperature reading of sensor also available
Consistent performance with no need for recalibration other than for use other materials
Ease of interfacing with other systems with selectable linear outputs (analogue or digital) to suit all requirements
Tough and reliable with proven track record
Easily replaced ceramic and wear ring
Unsurpassed after-sales and technical support around the world
Optional 3 year warranty can be purchased