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Online moisture sensor for bulk material

Working mechanism is changing along with the use of technology. Without it, working in the industry is like next to impossible nowadays. Jayceetech makes a difference by providing the highest quality and durable tech products. Our products are another name of advanced and hi-tech era. Our engineers and staff members are the backbone of the company, perhaps, that’s why we are the fastest growing Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels supplier in India.

Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels

Being the best Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels suppliers in India, Jayceetech provides various kinds of sensor. All the products offered by us have different usages. Our Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels are known as HydroMix sensor which is useful for flush mount for mixers, in Concrete Plants, Biofood Grains outlet chutes and other bulk materail small hoppers.

Salient features of our Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels:

Hydro Mix – Flush mount, digital, microwave moisture sensor

  • We have used advanced digital technology in our product that makes the product easy to use with the least possible variations.
  • Fully temperature compensated measurement is integrated in order to balance the power supply and prevent damages.
  • Different measurement modes are available so users can measure temperature, and accuracy easily.
  • The product has sensor configuration, easy interface, and normal power requirements.
  • We have attached influencive calibration with the possible wear life.
  • Replaceable Ceramic Faceplate is also available for the product. After the warranty period, even if there is damage, users can just change this part instead of buying a new product or equipment.

The simplified design of the product makes it the best Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels supplier in India. Apart from the above, technical specification includes clear specifications of the parts used in the product. It requires 15 to 30VDC power supply for operation.

The main body of product is made of stainless steel, protection ring is made of hardened steel, and faceplate is made of ceramic. For smooth and comfortable use of product, it is good to keep the operating temperature in between 0 to 60 degree Celsius. Sensor does not work or generate data in minus or ice temperature. Our sensors for mixers and small vessels are highly sensitive to materials and designed in such a way that they can measure as well as sense the saturation and range of materials.

With Jayceetech, there is no worry even if you do not have enough technical knowledge of any part as we provide all information in our primary book. Apart from this, our Technical support for products is available clock-around. !


Technical Specifications
Construction Body: Stainless Steel
Protection Ring : Hardened Steel
Faceplate: Ceramic
Moisture Range The sensor will measure up to saturation of material.
Material Penetration Approximately 75-100mm dependent on material.
Fixing The Hydro-Mix is secured to a fixing plate by a clamp ring. This allows the height of the sensor to be adjusted if necessary.
Operating Temperature 0-60 degrees C. The sensor will not measure in ice.
Analogue Outputs 2 Configurable 0-20mA or 4-20mA current loop source available for moisture and temperature. May also be converted to 0-10V DC.
Digital Inputs/Output 2 configurable digital signals are provided for batch average start/stop or for moisture / temperature multiplexing purposes.
Connections The sensor is fitted with a 10-way MIL-SPEC connector. A 4, 10 or 25 metre, 6 twisted pair cable pre-assembled for connection to a waterproof junction box is available.
Power Supply +15Vdc to +30Vdc. 4W
Digital (Serial) Communications Opto-isolated RS485 2-wire port. Uses Hydro – com communications protocol for read/write access to sensor parameters and values. Ethernet and USB interfaces are also available.


  • Fully Temperature Compensated Measurement
  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Easy to Interface
  • Replaceable Ceramic Faceplate
  • Measurement Modes
  • Wear Life
  • Sensor Configuration
  • Simple Power Requirements
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Measuring in the Mix
  • Calibration
  • Accuracy of Measurement