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Density Gauge Measurement Meter

Are you looking for extraordinary products that costs least and lasts long? Don’t worry, Jayceetech is here to help you and cater all your needs in one shot as it provides various industry-usable products. Density Gauge Measurement Meter is used to measure moisture, density, volume, and various other set parameters in the industry. Whatever Jayceetech manufactures, it keeps environment damages in its mind, so, it provides the best possible environment-friendly products which are not only easy to use but also simple to recycle.

Density Gauge Measurement Meter

Jayceetech is the well-known Density Gauge Measurement Meter supplier in India which considers the whole market demand and supplies the required industry products. Our manufacturers follow all global standards that are required and tagged us as the best manufacturer and supplier. Various features of Density Gauge Measurement Meter:

  • The product has high sensitivity and it allows users to use the low activity resources.
  • The product has automatic gain stabilization.
  • We have used rugged design with built-in backlight LCD.
  • The main source of the product is made of stainless steel. It is compatible with most third party source holders.
  • Our products are not only drop tested but also fire proof.
  • All the data is secured. There is no chance of data loss even if power gets down or gets off. Radioactive decay clock is fixed in the product for data integrity and security.
  • The detector used in the product is made of sodium scintillation with integral photo multiplier.

Being the best Density Gauge Measurement Meter manufacturer in India, we provide very clear and straight instruction along with the description of technical specification for our products. These all information is available online as well as in our catalogue book. For a particular product, users will get manuals and handbook. In these books, all hows and whys of the products are answered. From installation to operation, every piece of matter is defined in these books so that users can easily process their work without any external help.

Our product requires 88 to 264 V AC single phase power supply of the operation of the fixed detector in the meter. We are not only the finest Density Gauge Measurement Meter manufacturer in India but also the most advanced Density Gauge Measurement Meter supplier in India. Our product has unbeatable security and the best quality which ultimately leads to the best output and accurate results. All electronics are fully insulated into a single module. The product faces vibration of 2.5g at 100Hz.

Jayceetech is ISO certified manufacturer and supplier of different tech products. Different models and different designs are available for the single product. So, before dropping your requirements for the product online, it is advised to check the technical specification of all products along with its usages.

Apart from this, Jayceetech provides top notch customer services for its products with the minimal chances of calibration. The cost is very less in compared to the services that Jayceetech provides. So, don’t bother about the same, just book your order for the products and enjoy long-term association with us!


Source Holder : RTI 500mCi/ 18.5 Gbq (Cs-137)

  • All stinless steel construction (no lead fill)
  • Drop tested and fire proof
  • Rotatry shutter
  • Meets or exceeds internationally accepted safety standards

Also compatible with most third party source holders (contact RTI for further information)

Radioisotope : Double encapsulated Cs - 137 or Co – 60


  • High sensitivity allows use of low activity sources.
  • Built in protection from high count -rates (empty pipe)
  • Rugged design , with built-in backlite LCD display
  • Repeatability 0.0001 SG
  • Automatic Gain Stabilization.


Detector Element: Sodium Iodide scintillation detector with integral photo multiplier.

All electronics fully insulated into a single module.

Housing : IP67 316 stainless-steel, with stainless-steel mounting brackets with multiple mounting arrangements.

Power : 88- 264 V AC single phase, or 24 V DC.

Data Integrity: Radioactive Decay Clock.

No data loss with power off.

Communications and Control Output : 4-20 mA for SG (with separate 24V and 240 V conections)

Setup/Control/Calibration/Diagnostics : iPad® via wireless communications* (iPad® and Density Guage App included)

Mod Bus® also available

Display Integral backlit LCD display on Detector Housing.

Display SG and counts displayed for reference and basic diagnostics.

Performance and Environmental

Temperature Drift: ± 0.00003 SG units/°C

perating temperatureO: 0-80 °C

Vibration: 2.5 g at 100 Hz

Humidity: 5% - 95% RH non condensing