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RF Level & Position Switch

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RF Level & Position Switch

Customize your Vector :

1. Customize Vector,according to their application requirement.
2. We cater to the needs of indusries such as food & beverages, petrchemical etc.
3. Providing unique solutions to our clients in a perfect way.

Compact design, so suitable for small vessels.
Auto tunes for every emptying cycle.
Precise switch point even when coated.
Unaffected by slow variations in humidity and temperature.
Reverse polarity protection.
Open collector PNP output current limited to 100 mA as standard.
Built in LED indicators for status, alarm & normal operation.
High or Low fail safe selected provided.
Level detection for storage tanks, and pipelines-Point level detection of high and low filling level.
Level Detection in light weight and powdered media Point level detection in foamy and powery media.
Level detection in Non Conductive sticky media and Liquids Point level detection in sticky, pasty, viscous media, even after coating.
Level detection in solid media.
Protection pumps from running dry.