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Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Nothing to worry about the product quality and cost for all industry-usable products because Jayceetech is now available everywhere to cater the market needs. Yes, we are online as well the offline platform that provides different transmitters, switches, meters, and sensors that are usable in various industries. Jayceetec has designed the Fuel Level Transmitter to apply to every kind of fuel and similar products. It includes diesel, kerosene, and oil. The main usages of this fuel level transmitter are for measuring the fuel level sensor capacitive fuel trance and fuel level measurement and management in fuel tanks of vehicle and stationary units.

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Well-known as the best Fuel Level Transmitters manufacturer in India, we have inserted a highly innovative and work-efficient sensing probe in our fuel level transmitter. The use of this product for electrically conducting liquids like water is strictly prohibited. It may cause serious injury. So, it is advisable to read the complete manual and get the thorough knowledge of all do’s and don’ts. Check out the salient features of our designed fuel level transmitters series 5000:

  • The response time for the product is better than 10 seconds.
  • The product can handle operating temperature varying from 20 to 60 degree Celsius.
  • It requires 12 to 30 VDC power supply.
  • The mounting has different options in the sensing probe.
  • All the internal as well as external body parts of the product are made of the best quality.
  • Every product is offered at the least possible prices.

Settled as the prominent Fuel Level Transmitters supplier in India, we inculcated the best technical specifications considering the global standards. The sensing probe is a grounding pipe and the length of the same varies from 200 to 2000MM. Our engineers used pipe, and rod stainless steel. Accuracy is 3MM for standard version and 2MM for special version.

As we consider not only the problems but also the demand of the market for designing our products that’s why we are getting the fame as the finest Fuel Level Transmitters manufacturer in India. Complementing the needs, our experienced designers have come up with the different models of Fuel Level Transmitters. All the model numbers are specifically defined in our flipbook along with the price and usages. The most common models are Fuel Trance 5105, Fuel Trance 5120, Fuel Trance SR05, and Fuel Trance 5110. Models have different technical specification and different usages. Users are advised to buy the products after specifying their needs. Our assistants are available clock-around to guide the customers. For this, users will have to raise the requisitions in the form of query mail or advice-seeking call.

Reach the best Fuel Level Transmitters supplier in India! Check the designs online by downloading catalogue and flipbooks. Jayceetech thrives to deliver the best quality products across the globe in order to be the best manufacturer as well as the best supplier. Don’t waste your time and money, just reach us, we will give you the required tech product within a few clicks.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
HousingCast Al, W/p
Mains12 VDC to 30 VDC
Current Consumption20 mA (max)
Response time better than 10 sec
Accuracy better than +/- 1%
Operating Temp20 to +60° C
Signal Output0 to 5 V DC Or 0 to 10 VDC
RS 485(Modbus) RTU,
4 - 20mADc
MountingScrewed 3/4 “ BSP, Flange Optional


FUELTRANCE 5105 OUTPUT: 0-5 V DC(3- Wire)
FUELTRANCE 5110 OUTPUT: 0-10 V DC(3-Wire)
FUELTRANCE 5120 OUTPUT: 4-20 mA DC(2 wire)
FUELTRANCE 5458 OUTPUT: Rs485 (4 Wire) and 0-5 V DC

Sensing Probe

  • Mounting : Screwed – 3/4” BSP (standard) Or Flanged (optional)
  • Sense : Pipe/Rod Stainless steel (SS 304)
  • Grounding : Pipe, SS304
  • Length : 200 (standard) up to 2000 mm
  • Accuracy : 3 mm Standard, 2 mm Special Version
  • Operating Temp : 70 °C for the integral unit. (Standard)


  • Fuel level sensor capacitive fuel trance is designed for all types of fuel(Disel,Kerosene,Oil)
  • Fuel level measurement in fuel tank of vehicles and stationary units.


Output 0-5 V DC
Wire 3
Output 0-10 V DC
Wire 3
Output 4-20 mA Dc
Wire 2
Output RS 485
Wire 4

IT IS PROHIBITED TO USE for level measurement of electrically conducting liquids (for example, water).