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RF Level Position Switch - JAYCEEVECTOR

Nothing to worry about the product quality and cost for all industry-usable products because Jayceetech is now available everywhere to cater the market needs. Yes, we are online as well the offline platform that provides different transmitters, switches, meters, and sensors that are usable in various industries. We design the RF Level Position Switch that is apply on every kind of fuel and similar products. It includes diesel, kerosene, and oil. The main usages of this RF Level Position Switch - JAYCEEVECTOR are for measuring the level detection in Non Conductive sticky media and Liquids.

RF Level Position Switch - JAYCEEVECTOR


Vector series of compact capacitance switches have this intelligence built into the system and so do not need complicated skilled calibration. It is simply plug and play , fit and forget concept. The moment the instrument is installed and switched and switched ON it evalutes the initial capacitance and waits for the material level to rise. When covered, it detects the material and indicates the status. When the level recedes it automatically tunes to the no value of capacitance that may have occurred due to change in environment in the vicinity of the probe, or due to residual material coating. It is now ready to detect the next rise in level. The auto tuning is refreshed every emptying cycle, thus, maintaining appropriate sensitivity through. Slow changes due to changes in moisture, humidity and temperature are also taken into account by the long term filtering and averaging algirithm thereby making the system very reliable.

  • Compact design, so suitable for small vessels
  • Precise switch point even when coated
  • Unaffected by slow variations in humidity and temperature
  • Open collector PNP output current limited to 100mA as standard
  • Built in LED indicators for status, alarm & normal operation
  • High or Low fail selected provided

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Technical Specifications
HousingCast Al, W/p
Probe InsulationPTFE, others
Housingstainless steel
Ambient Temperature -20...60°C
Process Temperature-20...80°C
ProtectionWeather proof
InstallationTop/ Side mounting
Connection Cable 1.5 meter , 3 wire
Cable glandPG7
Input supply 12...30 V DC, 15 mA max
Hysteresis± 1 mm
Repeatability± 1 mm
Reaction time0.2 sec. Type
Output TypePNP standard
Fail SafeHigh/ Low selectable


  • Level detection in Non Conductive sticky media and Liquids
  • Level detection for storage tanks, and pipeline
  • Level detection in solid media
  • Protection pumps from running dry