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Vibrating Fork Level Switch For Liquid

A tuning fork made of SS 316 L is kept vibrating at its resonant frequency of approx. 125 Hz(standard) by piezo ceramic elements. when the service material covers the tines of the fork, vibrations are damped. This damping is sensed electronically, and the processed signal is used to energize a relay whose contact in turn are used for control. (The complete system, AQUAFORK-7000 series(SWIFT), consists of - the sensing probe of Tuning Fork/Vibrating Fork and The Electronic Switching unit. The vibration of the fork has self-cleaning properties.

Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch (SWIFT)

We are ISO certified Vibrating Fork Level Switches manufacturer in India. We provide a complete guide for principles and usages of our products so that the users can get the best results out of it.Best points about Jaycee’s vibrating fork level switches:

vibrating fork level switch for solids
  • Long-lasting quality products.
  • Available at the most competitive prices.
  • Clear technical specifications.
  • Description of working mechanism.
  • Easy to use.


Apart from the above features, our Aqua Fork Point Level Switch can handle the maximum pressure up to 40 KG per square centimeter and temperature up to 190 degree Celsius. This product is available for applying in various works. Its common applications are including but not limited, to all types liquids and free flowing dry small grains and powder, feed tanks in chemical, pharmaceutical industry, process, food and beverages, and hydraulic and lubrication system.

We have separate parts integrated in the best possible way while manufacturing the products. We are readily available for the bulk manufacturing and supplying different technical products. This way, we are becoming the leading Aqua Fork Point Level Switches supplier in India. In the warranty period, we exchange the part if any problem arises in the operations. We check and test the product thoroughly before handing over it to customer along with the certain warranty period.

Gradually we are dominating our area in our products and planning to spread such quality items in the global market too. Just download our flipbook or catalogue online and check out different designs of the equipment along with its price tags and usages. This way, you can make your choice easily and save plenty of time.

Technical Specifications

Insertion Length125-3000 mm
Wetted PartsSS304/316
Max Temp 150° C
Max PressureUpto 40KG/cm2
Bulk Density > 0.5KG/cm3
Output 2 sets of potential free c/o contacts rated at 5 amps, 230VAC for resistive loads per switch point.
EnclosureCast AI x IP66 or Ex-P IIB
Options Integral, Two part

Applications & Features:

  • All types of liquids and free flowing dry small grains and powders.
  • Feed Tanks in Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industry, Process.
  • Food and Beverage and Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems.
  • Most liquids with max 10000 mm2/s viscosity