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Capacitance Level Switch

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Capacitance Level Switch

Jayceetech is the leading Capacitance Level Switches manufacturer in India which provides the quality products to its customers. The best thing about our manufacturing is that it is completely focused on customer needs and satisfaction. Jayceetech is working hard to increase the reach of technology in every small area across the globe and at the least possible prices. We provide various switches and transmitter for particular usage. Amid all these, Capacitance Level Switch is used for liquid products.

The finest efficiency of the products.
Delivery of the products after checking, testing, and verifying the operational accuracy.
Best results in the minimum cost.
A complete manual guide containing the products’ descriptions.
Money back guarantee of the product.

Jayceetech has come up with the something different in its products. Including above features, we provide always something extra to satisfy them fullest. This is why, we have created a catalogue that contains different designs, varied price ranges, multiple technical specifications, and much more so that the customer can choose easily and click the only that they require.

You can expect the cost-friendly implementation of our products. In fact, our capacitance level switches require the supply voltage of 12 to 30 V Dc for operation. For the operational efficiency, users can control the temperature and adjust it according to their needs. Medium temperature is minus 20 to 100 degree Celsius, while in the special version of the products; you will get it up to 200 degree Celsius.

Capacitance Level Switch is applied for various liquids and not limited to acids, acitone, CTC, feed water, diesel, oil fruit juice, milk, vine, and Ammonia Benzene. Evolving as the finest and best quality Capacitance Level Switches manufacturer in India, we have two major probe specifications in our product. We suggest insulated part for conductive material like water, acid based solution and other solutions of similar nature. And for non-conductive material like petrochemical and solvents, we suggest both insulated and non-insulated probes. According to the requirements, we use probe material of stainless steel rod, rope insulated partly or fully in the product according to the requirements.

We are not only the prominent Capacitance Level Switches supplier in India but also we are well-known manufacturer and exporter of capacitance level switches. The product has complex technical specifications which are very vivid in nature. But our technical experts handle it in the best way and cater the global market. Jayceetech is backed by best engineers in the industry. So, we are the synonym of quality and stay out of the crowd.

Ammonia Benzine
Feed water
fruit juice
Conductive material: Water based solutions. Acids, Based etc – only insulated probe are suggested.
Non-Conductivity material: Mostly petrochemical and solvents – insulated or non- insulated probes can be used.