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Capacitance Level Transmitter

The rapid growth is only possible if human resources become innovative and machines replace the hard work. This is the only option to save time and get the faster result. Jayceetech keep the similar thoughts. So, we are indulged in providing the best tech products for industry needs. Jayceetech is the solution for all tech-related market problems. The common usages of Capacitance Level Transmitter are for all liquids like acid, wine, milk, fruit juice, oil and other similar states of liquid.

Capacitance Level Transmitter

No matter if users are unable to implement or use the products, we will help them out on just one call. Users are requested to drop their queries or problems through mails so that our technical experts can resolve them one by one.

Salient technical features of our designed Capacitance Level Transmitter:

  • Stainless steel rod, Rope insulated partly or fully with PTFE is used as probe material.
  • Normal temperature is minus 20 DEG C to 100 DEC C. In the special version of products, the temperature capacity can be increased up to 200 degree Celsius.
  • Expected output is 4 to 20 made which is equals to 2 wire loop power.
  • The product requires 12 to 30 V DC power voltages for smooth operation.
  • Probe length or measuring range varies from 0.25 to 3M for Rod and from 1 to 20M for Rope.
  • Process length and measuring range varies according to needs and applications. Also, mounting connection is also available as per request and application.

We are known manufacturer, Exporter and supplier of Capacitance Level Transmitter. The Capacitance Level Transmitter are compact, low cost, level transmitter with 4-20 mA analogue out-put designed to measure the level of various liquids, and solid in tank or storage vessels. Measuring range of Capacitance Level Transmitter is 0.25 t0 3 m for rod probe version. The probe of Capacitance Level Transmitter forms an electrical capacitor with the surrounding metal contained wall, or with auxiliary reference probe. With the vessel empty, initial capacitances exists between the electrode and the metal well or the auxiliary reference probe.

When the probe become covered with material to be measured the capacitances will increases and the change will be measured and covered into an analogue (4-20 mA) output signal proportional to the change. Rod or flexible cable can be used for various conductive or non- conductivity Liquids.

We are also available online for query resolution. We avoid willy-nilly approach while manufacturing and designing products. Different models and designs are available to see in our catalogue.

probes are used for conductive and non-conductive materials. We are not only the Capacitance Level Transmitters manufacturer in India but also the fastest growing exporter and supplier for all of our products. Based on nature, purpose, and usages, we use insulated or non-insulated probes.

Being one of the Capacitance Level Transmitters manufacturers &supplier in India, we supply unbeatable quality products. Both cost and damage are no worries with us as we provide the warranty for our products at the least possible cost. We don’t charge extra bucks for providing the warranty. Our engineers and other professionals are up to date with the market information and work in every possible way to fulfil market needs.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Probe Length /Measuring range0.25 to 3m (Rod), 1 to 20m (Rope)
Process length / Measuring rangeAs per application
Probe MaterialStainless steel rod /Rope insulated partly or fully with PTFE
Medium Temp -20Deg C to 100 Dec C
Special VersionUpto 200°C
Electronics-25°C to +65°C
Output4-20 made ( 2 wire loop power)
Supply voltage12-30 V Dc
Mounting Connection1/2" Standard for Rod probe, others as per request and application

Liquid Applications

  • Acid
  • Acetone
  • Ammonia Benzine
  • Feed Water
  • CTC
  • Diesel
  • Oils
  • Fruit Juice
  • Milk
  • Wine

Probe Specification Chart

  • Conductive material: Water based solutions. Acids, Based etc – only insulated probe are suggested.
  • Non-Conductivity material: Mostly petrochemical and solvents – insulated or non- insulated probes can be used.