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Fuel Level Transmitter

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Fuel Level Transmitter

Capacitance Level Sensor/Transmitter (FUELTRANCE) is a compact, low cost microcontroller based level transmitter with analogue output designed to measure the level of various non viscous, non conductive fuel oils, such as Diesel. Measuring range is 0.2 to 3 M for rod probe version.

The probe forms an electrical capacitor with the grounding still well, provided on the sensing rod. An initial capacitances exists between the electrode and the steel well. When the probe become covered with material to be measured the capacitances will increase and change will be measured and converted into an analogue output signal proportional to the level change.

Fuel Level Sensor capacitance fuel trance is designed for diesel.
Fuel Level measurement in fuel tank of vehicles and stationary units.
Liquid Applications : Oil, Diesel, etc


Fast and Easy Installation
Pre calibrated for each probe length (sight calibration possible, easy).
No effect of terbulance in the tank.
High Reliability
Provides economical solutions.