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Bulk Material Moisture Sensors

Jayceetech is the best supplier of bulk material moisture sensors for Mixers and Small Vessels, small vessels, Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor in all over India. Jayceetech makes a difference by providing the highest quality and durable tech products. Our products are another name of advanced and hi-tech era.

We are Master Sellers of Hydronix in India and Indian Subcontinent since 2005. Hydronix is the world's leading supplier of digital microwave moisture measurement sensors. Established since 1982, have installed over 75,000 sensors across a wide range of industries in over 70 countries worldwide. Hydronix moisture sensors are used successfully in applications which include concrete, aggregates and asphalt as well as organic materials such as animal feed, grain, nuts, oils and biomass products.

Hydronix sensors are installed in a batch or continuous process where there is a requirement to measure moisture in real time. The sensors use a contact measurement technique which compared with other methods of moisture measurement is least affected by impurities, colour, particle size or temperature.

Our applications experience and expertise not only includes the harsh environments of a concrete mixer or aggregate bin but also other drying, wetting, monitoring or control processes where the material is free flowing.

Hydronix pioneered the use of microwave energy to measure moisture and we continue to develop solutions and new products using the latest technology. We are committed to ensuring that our products and services add value to our customers’ processes while reducing costs and the amount of wasted materials. As a global company we operate through a network of Hydronix trained and experienced resellers which enables us to provide a local solution in your own language.


1. Digital Technology

Digital technology provides precise, linear moisture measurement, measuring at 25 times per second

2. Advanced Digital Signal Processing

The sensor response may be adjusted remotely using the Hydro-Com software to minimise the effects of noise of the measured signal. Advanced Digital Signal Processing provides a clear signal with a rapid response

3. Measurement Modes

Choice of measurement modes for optimising sensor performance in a variety of applications and material types.

4. Fully Temperature Compensated Measurement

The sensor internally adjusts for any measurment changes due to temperature fluctuations

5. Easy to Interface

Two analogue outputs and digital RS485 communications and configurable digital inputs / output make the sensor simple to integrate into a control system


he Hydro-Mix is a rugged microwave sensor designed to measure moisture in manufacturing industries that use mixers and blenders during processing. Typical applications that use this sensor are aggregates, concrete and asphalt production.

Body :Stainless Steel
Protection Ring Hardened Steel


The Hydro-Mix is secured to a fixing plate by a clamp ring. This allows the height of the sensor to be adjusted if necessary.

Analogue Outputs

2 Configurable 0-20mA or 4-20mA current loop source available for moisture and temperature. May also be converted to 0-10V DC.

Digital Inputs/Output

2 configurable digital signals are provided for batch average start/stop or for moisture / temperature multiplexing purposes.


  • Concrete & Construction
  • Sand and Aggregates
  • Asphalt Production
  • Clay Bricks
  • Concrete Production
  • Grain & Rice
  • Grain, Nuts & Pulses
  • Paddy Rice
  • Animal & Pet Food
  • Animal Feed
  • Sugar Beet / Animal Feed
  • Food Processing
  • Powdered Food
  • Brix / Moisture in Sugar

Being the best Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels supplier in India, Jayceetech provides various kinds of transmitters and sensor. All the products supply by us have different usages. Our Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels is known as Hydro sensor which is useful for mix flush mount and as microwave moisture sensor.

Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor are pen style equipment used for various purposes. India is the second most populated country across the globe. And it is not a joke to be the best Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor supplier in India. But Jayceetech made it true! Well-known as the finest Moisture Sensors for Hopper and Conveyor supplier in India, we install all the quality products while supplying the final product.

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