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What is Fuel Oil Level Transmitters?


What is Fuel Oil Level Transmitters?

Well-known as the best Fuel Oil Level Transmitters manufacturer in India, we have incorporated highly innovative and work-efficient sensing probe in our fuel level transmitter. The use of this product for electrically conducting liquids like water is strictly prohibited. It may cause serious damage

Settled as the prominent Fuel Oil Level Transmitters supplier in India, we inculcated the best technical specifications considering the global standards. The sensing probe is a grounding pipe and the length of the same varies from 200 to 2000MM. Our design incorporates pipe, and rod of stainless steel. Accuracy is 2mm for standard version and 1.5mm for special version. As we consider not only the problems but also the demand of the market for designing our products that’s why we are getting the fame as the finest Fuel Level Transmitters manufacturer in India. Complementing the needs, our experienced designers have come up with the different models of Fuel Level Transmitters. All the model numbers are specifically defined in our flipbook. The most common models are Fuel trance 5105, Fuel trance 5120, Fueltrance5485, and Fuel Trance 5110. Models have different technical specification and different usages.

What is level transmitter used for?

Level transmitters are used to determine the level of a certain bulk-solid or liquid at any given time. Level Transmitters are different to level switches, which only sound an alarm when the level of material reaches a predetermined level.


  • Fuel Level Sensor capacitance fuel trance is designed for diesel.
  • Fuel level measurement in fuel tank of vehicles and stationary units
  • It is prohibited to use fuel trance for level measurement of electrically conducting liquids
  • Diesel fuels
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Vegetable oils
  • Chemical holding tanks
  • MEK and other solvents
  • Many other, non-conductive liquid

  • Technical Specifications:

    Technical Specifications (Standard)

    • Housing: Cast Al, W/p
      • Mains: 12 VDC to 30 VDC
      • Current: Consumption 20 mA (max)
      • Response time: better than 5 sec
      • Accuracy: better than +/- 2 mm
      • Operating Temp: 20 to +60° C
      • Signal Output: 0 to 5 V DC Or 0 to 10 VDC RS 485(Modbus) RTU, 4 - 20mADc
      • Mounting: Screwed 3/4 “ BSP, Flange Optional.