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vibrating fork level switch

Level transmitters provide continuous level measurement over the range of the system rather than at a single point and produce an output signal that directly correlates to the level within a vessel. From depth and pressure, to float, radar, ultrasonic, and capacitive, these transmitters employ different technologies designed individually for specific level applications.

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vortex flow meter manufacture

Well-known as the best Fuel Oil Level Transmitters manufacturer in India, we have incorporated highly innovative and work-efficient sensing probe in our fuel level transmitter. The use of this product for electrically conducting liquids like water is strictly prohibited. It may cause serious damage.

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Rotating Paddle Level Switch

Paddle type level switches are general powder level switches, and are used not detect powders. These level switches have been used in various locations where powder and grains must be detected. This page introduces operating principles of paddle type level switches and shows some application examples.

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