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RF Admittance Level Sensor Switches

RF Admittance Level Sensor Switches RF Admittance Level Sensor Switches in pune india

RF Admittance Level Sensor Switches

The RF level switch operates on the basis of RF absorption measurement. The electronic unit generates a sinusoidal wave, applied to the electrode creating a field around it. RF environment absorption changes (electrical loss) around the electrode are reflected on changes of generator supply current. Such changes, caused by the increase in level is amplified and used to energies the relay. The main drawback of the conventional method is that after the level has once increased and then decreased, there may be a coating left on the probe which is sensed by the instrument as though the level is still on the probe.

In JAYCEEADMIT a COAT GUARD and Trance-Conductance amplifier are incorporated in the circuit having its output exactly at the same voltage and phase at all times as its input. The output is connected through the shield of the low capacitance co-axial cable to the concentric tube on the sense probe, called shield element. Since both the elements, sense and shield are exactly at the same potential and phase at all times, there is no current flow through the cable. Thus there is no change in calibration due to coating on the probe and the temperature effect of the cable.

RF admittance level sensor switches are advanced devices used for accurate and reliable level monitoring in tanks, silos, and other containers. These switches utilize the principle of radio frequency (RF) admittance to measure the level of liquids, solids, and slurries. With their high sensitivity and versatility, RF admittance level sensor switches are widely employed in various industries for precise level control.

Working Principle:

1. The RF admittance level sensor switch operates based on the difference in electrical conductivity between the material being measured and the surrounding medium (usually air). It consists of a probe or rod inserted into the container and a control unit.

2. When the probe is inserted into the material, an RF signal is applied between the probe and the vessel wall or ground. The material's electrical properties, such as its dielectric constant and conductivity, affect the amount of current flowing between the probe and the vessel. This variation in electrical conductivity is used to determine the level of the material.

3. The control unit continuously monitors the electrical properties and calculates the admittance value. When the admittance value exceeds a preset threshold, it triggers the switching mechanism to indicate the presence or absence of the material at the desired level.


RF admittance level sensor switches are utilized in a wide range of industries and applications where precise level monitoring is crucial. Some common applications include:

Liquid Storage and Processing: These switches are extensively used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and water treatment. They provide accurate level measurement for inventory management, process control, and preventing overflow or dry running of pumps.

Bulk Solids Monitoring: RF admittance level sensor switches are highly effective in measuring the level of bulk solids, such as powders, granules, and grains. They ensure efficient material handling, prevent bin overflows, and control inventory levels in industries like mining, agriculture, plastics, and construction.

Silos and Hoppers: Silos and hoppers often require precise level monitoring to ensure consistent material supply and prevent blockages or overflow. RF admittance level sensor switches offer reliable measurement and can activate alarms or control mechanisms to optimize material flow.

Liquids with Varying Conductivity: These switches are suitable for liquids with varying conductivity or dielectric constants, such as oils, slurries, and emulsions. They can provide accurate level measurement even in challenging conditions, ensuring proper process control and preventing costly errors.


1. RF admittance level sensor switches offer several benefits that make them a preferred choice for level monitoring:

2. Accuracy and Sensitivity: These switches provide highly accurate level measurements, even in applications where other technologies may struggle. They offer excellent sensitivity, enabling precise control of levels, especially in challenging materials.

Versatility: RF admittance level sensor switches are versatile and can be used for both liquids and solids. They can handle various materials with different electrical properties, making them suitable for diverse industrial applications.

Non-Intrusive Installation: These switches can be installed externally or inserted into the container, depending on the application requirements. Non-intrusive installation allows for easy retrofitting and minimizes the risk of contamination or damage to the material being measured.

Reliability and Durability: RF admittance level sensor switches are designed to withstand harsh environments, including high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive substances. They are built to be robust and reliable, reducing maintenance and ensuring long-term performance.

Cost-Effective Solution: With their accuracy, versatility, and durability, RF admittance level sensor switches offer a cost-effective solution for level monitoring. They help optimize processes, prevent material waste, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

In conclusion, RF admittance level sensor switches are advanced devices that provide precise and reliable level monitoring for liquids, solids, and slurries. Their ability to measure various materials accurately, along with their versatility and durability, makes them an ideal choice for industries requiring efficient level control. With their benefits of accuracy, sensitivity, and cost-effectiveness, RF admittance level sensor switches contribute to improved operational efficiency and productivity.

Housing : Aluminium, weatherproof IP 67, powder coated , integral with the probe mounting Cable Entry : 1 no.s (standard) Ambinent temperate : 0 to 60 Deg c , Mains Voltage : 18 to30 VDC, Output : PNP NO/NC or Relay ,Operating Freguency : 6 KHz / 110 KHz , COAT GUARD SENSING PROBE: Mounting : Screwed BSP (standard) Or Flanged (optional) or as per specification. Sense rod : Stainless steel Shield : Stainless steel Insulation : PTFE (standard)Other on request and as per application. Operating Temp in :100 deg for the integral switching vessel unit. For higher temp remote switching unit(please consult works)

Level measurement is a fundamental aspect of process control across a range of industries, including chemical processing, food and beverage, wastewater management, and more. Accurate and reliable level sensors are critical for ensuring efficient operations and product quality. Jaycee Technologies Private Limited proudly presents our state-of-the-art RF Admittance Level Sensors, engineered to meet the diverse needs of your level measurement applications.

Our RF Admittance Level Sensors:

Jaycee Technologies Private Limited offers a comprehensive line of RF Admittance Level Sensors that utilize advanced technology to provide precise and dependable level measurement solutions. Here's an overview of our RF Admittance Level Sensor offerings:

1. Compact RF Admittance Level Sensors:
- Our compact RF Admittance Level Sensors are designed for applications with space constraints.
- They offer high sensitivity and reliability, making them suitable for both liquid and solid level measurement.
- These sensors are known for their ease of installation and maintenance.

2. Hygienic RF Admittance Level Sensors:
- Ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries, our hygienic RF Admittance Level Sensors are constructed with materials that meet strict sanitary standards.
- They are designed for applications where cleanliness and sanitation are paramount.
- These sensors are easy to clean and resistant to harsh cleaning agents.

3. Multipoint RF Admittance Level Sensors:
- Our multipoint RF Admittance Level Sensors allow you to monitor multiple level points within a single vessel.
- They are versatile and cost-effective for tanks or silos with varying level requirements.
- These sensors provide real-time data for precise inventory management.

4. High-Temperature RF Admittance Level Sensors:
- For applications involving high-temperature processes, our specialized RF Admittance Level Sensors can withstand extreme temperature conditions.
- They ensure accurate level measurement in challenging environments such as furnace and boiler systems.

5. ATEX-Certified RF Admittance Level Sensors:
- Our ATEX-certified RF Admittance Level Sensors are designed to meet the stringent safety requirements for hazardous environments.
- They provide level measurement solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres, such as chemical plants and refineries.

Why Choose Jaycee Technologies Private Limited:

Precision and Reliability:
Our RF Admittance Level Sensors are known for their high level of accuracy and repeatability, ensuring you can trust the data they provide for your critical processes.

We understand that every application has unique requirements. We offer customization options to tailor our sensors to your specific needs, including different probe lengths and materials.

Our level sensors are built to withstand harsh industrial conditions, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

Expert Support:
Jaycee Technologies Private Limited has a team of experienced engineers and technicians ready to assist you with installation, calibration, and ongoing support for your level measurement needs.

Accurate and reliable level measurement is essential for efficient and safe industrial processes. Jaycee Technologies Private Limited offers a wide range of RF Admittance Level Sensors designed to provide precise and dependable level measurement solutions for various industries. When you choose our RF Admittance Level Sensors, you're choosing quality, accuracy, and expertise. Contact us today to find the perfect level measurement solution for your application. Jaycee Technologies Private Limited is the best RF Admittance Level Sensors supplier, manufacturer, exporter, dealer