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Tuning Fork Level Switch for Solids

Tuning Fork Level Switch for Solids Tuning Fork Level Switch for Solids

Tuning Fork Level Switch for Solids

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In industrial processes that involve the handling of solids, ensuring accurate and reliable level detection is crucial for efficient operations and preventing overflows or shortages. One popular solution for solid material level detection is the tuning fork level switch for Solids. This simple yet effective device offers several advantages and has become a preferred choice for many industries.

How does a tuning fork level switch work?

A tuning fork level switch consists of two prongs that vibrate mechanically when in contact with a material. These prongs are made of a robust material, such as stainless steel, and are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. The switch is mounted in a vessel or hopper in such a way that the prongs extend into the material.

When the solid material covers or contacts the prongs, it dampens their vibrations, which triggers the switch. The change in vibration frequency is detected by an electronic circuit, which then activates an output signal indicating the presence or absence of the material.

Advantages of tuning fork level switches for solids:

Reliability: Tuning fork level switches offer reliable operation even in challenging environments. They are resistant to temperature variations, dust, and vibrations, ensuring accurate detection in demanding industrial settings.

Wide range of applications: These switches are suitable for a wide range of solid materials, including powders, granules, pellets, and bulk solids. They can be used in diverse industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, mining, and cement.

Easy installation: Tuning fork level switches are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They can be mounted on vessels, hoppers, or silos using various methods, including side, top, or bottom mounting, depending on the specific application.

Compact design: The compact size of tuning fork level switches makes them suitable for applications with limited space. They can be installed in small vessels or tight areas without compromising their performance.

High sensitivity: These switches offer high sensitivity, allowing them to detect even low-density materials reliably. The ability to sense small changes in vibration frequency ensures accurate and precise level detection.

Fail-safe operation: Tuning fork level switches are designed to provide fail-safe operation. In case of a power failure or any other malfunction, they have a built-in mechanism to indicate the loss of power or signal, preventing false readings and ensuring process safety.

Cost-effective: Tuning fork level switches are cost-effective solutions for solid material level detection. They offer long-term reliability, require minimal maintenance, and have a low cost of ownership compared to other level sensing technologies.

Tuning Fork Level Switch for Solids provide a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective solution for solid material level detection in various industrial applications. Their robust construction, wide applicability, and fail-safe operation make them a popular choice for industries seeking efficient and hassle-free level monitoring. Whether you are dealing with powders, granules, or bulk solids, a tuning fork level switch can offer the performance and peace of mind you need to ensure smooth operations and prevent material-related issues.

Pesticide Powder, Powder Dyes, Plastic Granules, Food grains.
Cement, Sand and Lime. (Particle size Max. 10 mm)
Free flowing application: food Grains Like Coffee Beans, wheat, Soya etc. and salt,Zinc Sulphate, etc.
Powder: Milk Powder, Flour, Pesticide powder, powder dyes, Plastics Granules etc.
Any free-flowing dry powder.

Technical Specifications (Standard)

  • Insertion Length: 250-2500 mm
  • Wetted Parts: SS304/316
  • Max Temp: Upto 200° C
  • Max Pressure: 10KG/cm2
  • Bulk Density: > 0.5KG/cm3
  • Output: 5A, 250 VAC x DPDT
  • Enclosure: Cast AI x IP66 or Ex-P IIB
  • Options: Integral, Two part