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Vibrating Rod Level Switch

Vibrating Rod Level Switch Vibrating Rod Level Switch

Rotating Paddle Point Level Switch

Number and material of vanes

Specific gravity and particle size of the material provides orientation for the number of vanes. Most commonly used is the stainless steel, single vane blade. The lowest specific gravity for this paddle is 0,4 kg/dm3. For lighter materials the use of 3- or 4-vane paddle is recommended.


1.Standard probe length : 150 mm.
2. Longer length up to 3 m. Construction and length of the probes would depend upon the application. Various types of probes:, Rigid and Flexible available.


1.6010 – 110V AC
2.6020 – 24 V DC
3. 6030 – 230 V AC
4. 6500 – Detection of solids under water, water columns 10mtr. The suffix will be same as above.
5. 6510 – 110 V AC
6. 6520 – 24 V DC
7. 6530 – 230 V AC

JAYCEEROTO heavy duty, rotary paddle switches are the most suitable for level detection of dust granules and other free flowing solids up to the particle size of Ø10 mm. Mounted in bins, silos and hoppers it can be applied for control of level, filling and emptying as well as for protection against overfilling.
Agriculture : beet slice, hard crop, Chemical industry: plastic powders, granules, pellets
Food industry : sun flower, sun flower cod, Building industry: sand, calcium powder, gypsum, coffee and cacao powder, flour, sugar, etc. Energetic: active soot, coal powder, fly ash.